Growing Roots

Growing Roots: Jacob Kose educates younger generations about farming

On Oct 10th, 2016 | Entrepreneurship

As long as there are humans living on Planet Earth, there’s going to need to be food to feed all of us. And that food has to be grown somewhere, by someone…

Why I Traded Four Wheels For Two

On Sep 26th, 2016

After graduating college it became pretty clear that the "real world" is an expensive place to be (especially if you have student loans to pay

Success and My Dusty Degree

On Sep 26th, 2016

For almost four years I've been listing my job occupation as "freelance writer." Google my name and solid traces of my writing career pop up.
Lemonade Stand

When College Isn’t For You

On Sep 26th, 2016

Many high school students spend the first part of their senior year taking or retaking SATs, writing essays and filling out college applications galore. Those